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Cloud Services


Expertise moving your Cloud Portfolio Forward.

Cloud Maturity Evaluation

An interactive exercise to evaluate your current state business and IT posture for consuming or optimizing your resources for new or existing cloud services.

Cloud First Floor

Implement an operational enterprise cloud environment by leveraging best practices, scalability and automation to support your organization’s current and future needs.

Cloud Migation

Leverage our proven, programmatic seven-step migration approach to successfully move applications and services to the cloud.

Cloud Workshop

Hands-on, pre-defined lab environment to explore exercises in major cloud providers under the guidance of a cloud expert

Cloud Jumpstart

Start your initial cloud design by driving to key decisions in areas such as architecture, vendor and region selection, security posture, tool chain and services​.

Cloud Application Rationalization

A deep dive into your current state application portfolio to evaluate and document cloud readiness, remediation needs and integration points on an application-by-application basis​.

Cloud Management as a Service

Leverage our team, tools and expertise to manage and optimize your cloud environments. We focus on your cloud deployments and operations to get the most out of your investment​.