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Hybrid Cloud Management

(Cloud emphasis)


Leverage our expertise and tools to engage your team, help effectively manage and optimize your cloud environments. We focus on your cloud to gain the most from your investment

Key activities

  • Review and update cloud strategy and roadmaps
  • Periodic review of cloud implementations, services and operations
  • Assess services and automation capabilities and planning
  • Analyze and update operational support practices, standards and processes
  • Provide capacity and cost forecasting
  • Review roles, training progression and provide recommendations
  • Ongoing review of application portfolio for cloud readiness
  • Engage in quarterly/monthly auditing of deployments, best practices and prioritize activities

Customer Benefit

  • Gain access to cloud experts focused on your cloud portfolio
  • Provide insights into ongoing risk management and mitigation
  • Gain a greater understanding of your deployments and utilization through documentation and reporting
  • Receive periodic recommendations for optimizing your cloud environment
  • Leverage a data-driven approach to quarterly reporting and progress review
  • Employ a consistent process and management methodology
  • Track cloud maturity progress

What to expect

  • Access to your subject matter experts as necessary from multiple discipline areas
  • Read-only access to cloud dashboards and billing information needed
  • Provide information and allow discovery tools to run on network as necessary
  • Monthly/quarterly touchpoints with leadership