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Cloud Jumpstart


Start your initial cloud design by driving to key decisions in areas such as architecture, vendor and region selection, security posture, tool chain and services.

Key activities

  • Cloud Maturity Evaluation
  • Document organizational cloud account structure
  • Establish a framework for cloud security posture
  • Document an effective connectivity model based on geography and performance needs
  • Evaluate and develop enterprise-ready cloud architecture
  • Track architectural decision points
  • Operational process and skills review/recommendations

Customer Benefit

  • Alignment on cloud strategy and architecture
  • Established model that enables your initial cloud implementation
  • Documented go-forward approach on connectivity model
  • Documented cloud security posture
  • Documented go-forward approach on tools and services to leverage in cloud
  • Resource/staffing/training recommendations
  • An executable cloud game plan

What to expect

  • Four to eight-week engagement
  • Leadership input
  • Participation from multiple IT discipline areas is critical
  • Rapid decision-making pace