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Resiliency Management as a Service


Ensure your business expectations and IT capabilities are aligned. Develop and execute a program that matures your IT resiliency capabilities through continuous planning and testing.

Key activities

  • Current state review and assessment of policies, procedures, architecture and execution capability
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Develop roadmap to close resiliency gaps and/or realign business expectations
  • Determine cost for alternatives, build consensus across teams including executive input
  • Develop runbooks and data center recovery sequences
  • Manage testing and validation program

Customer Benefit

  • Business and IT alignment
  • Document current capabilities and desired state
  • Cross-disciplinary viewpoint
  • Quarterly reporting and progress reviews
  • Established and sustainable resiliency program
  • Ensure your resiliency initiatives continue moving forward — quit talking about it and get it done!

What to expect

  • Length of engagement determined by complexity of environment and business factors
  • Subject matter expert participation in planning and exercises
  • Existing recovery plans, inventories, system, application, database, architecture and environment information required
  • Tabletop exercises and annual failover testing of IT recovery plan