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Cloud Workshop


Hands-on, pre-defined lab environment to explore exercises in major cloud providers under the guidance of a cloud expert.

Key activities

  • Establish cloud services base level knowledge
  • Explore common use cases in AWS, Azure (GCP coming soon)
  • Mock-ups and testing of specific, hand-tailored cloud environment goals
  • Review key architecture and security considerations
  • Develop and prove out aspects of your enterprise cloud strategy

Customer Benefit

  • Sandbox with a purpose: build an actual environment in the cloud​
  • Exploration of cloud services and how they may benefit your cloud environment
  • Educating team members who need a start in working with cloud services
  • Safe environment, our credit card not yours! (with parameters)
  • Lessons on how to build enterprise cloud environments

What to expect

  • 20 or 40-hour durations across multiple sessions
  • Small groups of 2-5 lead by a cloud expert
  • Customized experience based on needs