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Application Mapping


A deep dive into your current state application portfolio to document integration points on an application-by-application basis.

Key activities

  • Review, update or create a master application inventory
  • Review and document dependencies including application to application, 3rd party, storage and database
  • Leverage discovery tools where available to validate traffic patterns and dependencies
  • Analysis and recommendations to classify applications into customer specific transformation patterns
  • Create application architecture diagrams

Customer Benefit

  • Updated application catalog and application level architecture diagrams showing critical integration points
  • Comprehensive view into multiple discipline areas
  • Data-driven approach to application documentation
  • Gain a greater understanding of your application interdependencies

What to expect

  • Three to four-week engagement for initial grouping
  • Deep-dive engagement length determined by number of included applications
  • Existing inventories, system, application, database, architecture and environment information required
  • Access to subject matter experts necessary
  • Allow discovery tools to run on network if necessary