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Cloud First Floor


Implement an operational enterprise cloud environment by leveraging best practices, scalability and automation to support your organization’s current and future needs.

Key activities

  • Review existing plan for cloud implementation
  • Establish initial subscriptions, services, roles and accounts
  • Interactive lab environment to assist staff in gaining hands-on experience
  • Build initial connectivity and network structure
  • Activate base security services, zones, policies and access controls
  • Enable foundational cloud services and capabilities required for production activity
  • Implement base automation capabilities to allow future scalability and consistency
  • Implement cloud monitoring and logging
  • Migrate a pilot application to the cloud

Customer Benefit

  • Stop talking and act on your cloud strategy
  • Build practical competencies for your staff
  • Optimization through automation
  • Security, governance and operational practices established day one
  • Secure production enterprise cloud environment ready for future applications

What to expect

  • Six to twelve-week engagement
  • Share existing cloud implementation plan
  • Hands on participation from key IT discipline areas
  • Cloud service consumption costs to begin
  • System and service access may be required
  • Rapid decisioning required