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Cloud Migration


Leverage our proven, programmatic seven-step migration approach to successfully move applications and services to the cloud.

Key activities

  • Establish and document application migration strategy and approaches
  • Validate cloud environment readiness
  • Develop communication plans to ensure a smooth transition and keep all stakeholders informed
  • Data collection and analysis to minimize business risk
  • Application and dependency mapping to determine migration groupings
  • Pre-migration planning and coordination across stakeholder groups
  • Detailed cutover planning for technical and operational tasks
  • Event management and command center facilitation

Customer Benefit

  • Reduce risk through our proven approach
  • Focused and experienced resources dedicated to migration success
  • Expert led migration events

What to expect

  • Length of engagement determined by number of applications, complexity of environment and business factors
  • In-depth coordination and planning sessions
  • Subject matter experts engaged in migration activities
  • Existing inventories, system, application, database, architecture and environment information required