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Cloud Baseline


A current-state review of your cloud environment, connectivity, processes, automation, resiliency, security overview, and maturity covering ten key disciplines areas with high-level recommendations around maximizing the value of your cloud investment

Key activities

  • Review account structure, connectivity, topology, tagging, billing, services/micro services
  • Guided survey with cloud experts that objectively measures cloud readiness / maturity
  • Explore ten key cloud competency areas that include measurements for both Business and IT
  • Review operational, security and support practices
  • Review current cloud deployments for reliability / resiliency

Customer Benefit

  • Customized analysis and recommendations quantifying capabilities including skills, strategy and architecture
  • Baseline cloud maturity score
  • Identification of areas for focus and investment
  • Established current and future state maturity goals
  • Insights across cloud engineering, architecture and strategic executive-level planning

What to expect

  • Two to three-week engagement
  • Provide existing (if available): Cloud Architecture, Security Posture and Application documentation
  • Access to subject matter experts as necessary
  • Read-only access or virtual real time information sharing of your existing cloud environments